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APM scores big at Soccer Balls for Haiti

Jan 23 2012

CHARLOTTETOWN – Six staff members at APM participated in the annual ‘Soccer Ball for Haiti’ soccer marathon which raises funds to buy soccer balls for young Haitians affected by the devastating hurricane two years ago.

The event, sponsored by CBC, The Guardian, Famous Peppers Pizza, Soccer shop, and other community groups, was extremely successful. Over 200 soccer balls were purchased for young Haitians over the 24-hour marathon period.

Team captain Kristy Webster, alongside teammates Jon & Holly Barrett, Jim Banks, Lauren Murphy,
and Kate McKenna, played a great hour of soccer against the local team “FC Wichers”.

Ms. Webster describes the event as a success, noting that it could not have been better organized.
“We definitely had fun. Congratulations to organizers and sponsors for bringing attention to such a
great cause. Team APM had a really great time and it was awesome to dust off the cleats and play


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